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March 20th, 2019 at 01:19 pm

I hate to be blah, but the state I am in at the moment doesn't stir up much more than blah. We are eating at home - all meals. The bank account is better for it. I am able to pay all of our bills right now, but still not credit cards. Its an awful feeling. Garage sale is still planned. I have been listing 5-7 things every other day online. No sales yet. We are going to a free event this weekend that is nearby, so I think it will be nice to get out. Some days the debt is just overwhelming. On a better note...the weather is amazing right now. And my peach trees are in full bloom. Smile

Not getting ahead but not sinking

March 13th, 2019 at 11:11 am

No real changes. We have rescheduled the garage sale due to weather. No one will come in the rain...not worth it. No extra income yet. I am contemplating DoorDash (food delivery). I work in a very populated, trendy area and I might be able to work a couple of shifts on my way home. Will it be worth it? Estimated $15/ hour for 3 hours for 2-3 days? And I am responsible for taxes, fuel, and wear and tear on my car? I wish I could just work a pt job with my taxes taken out and no driving. Or I wish I could work 40 hours at my job instead of 35. Which is not an option...already asked. I need to figure something out.

Side Note - Why is it so hard to log in?

March 4th, 2019 at 01:39 pm

Every day I struggle to log in. I get errors and it says the site isn't working. Is this normal?

Better than I expected.

March 4th, 2019 at 01:38 pm

I finished our taxes this weekend. The final number is better than I expected. We only owe $145. I am so glad. We do not have to pay our Personal Loan for March. That is $500 that we can use to pay the taxes and put towards a bill or maybe some groceries. As for the loan, he is letting us skip the payment because we are trying to see how the land sale will work. There is no interest on the loan.

The garage sale is scheduled for 03/16. I am still looking for a second job. I have the ability to bake out of my house, but buying supplies is really hard right now. Our income will go up $318.02 in just 2 more months. The Jeep will be paid off in 8 months. That will add $390. If we sell the land, that will be $500 more a month. And in about 9-10 months, the IRS will be paid off, so that will be another $300 a month. At the end of the year, that means we could have $1500 to put towards bills and debt and expenses! I just have to make it through this year.

Been dreading taxes

March 1st, 2019 at 01:40 pm

I didn't know what to expect with our taxes this year. We hardly made anything in 2018, then my husband was working as a contract employee with no taxes taken out. But...as of right now, we owe about $400. We will need to find that somehow. Its not a bill that we can put off. But I am going to check a couple of numbers and see if they are right on the business side.

I don't have any financial updates really. I got our cell phone bill reduced $8.99. And our mortgage will be going down about $65 a month starting in April. Its going to take a long time to chip away at this.